Hey, my names Tahmarah but my friends call me Marah aka mars. I made this blog as a reflection of all my loves in life, the things I aspire to see, the places I'd like to be and everything else that makes me, me. I'm 18 and will be going to CSU Fullerton🐘. Please feel free to send me messages or ask me questions as I embark on this next step of my life. My goal is to just bring to everyone a blog that truly represents me in every aspect and hopefully you guys like what you see

MARS:I Am The Star

Zoo Duisberg by (Flavia Foresta)

Mara the Lioness | ©

Jake Lockhart, NEVS models, Michael Silver Photography

Italy | by Esther Emma

Never look back is what they say but I think in this scenario you’d have to since its about realization rather than not being hurt by your past.
A person doesn’t panic until he sees his blood. Its the mind that controls us and it is something we need to control. Hard but possible.